What is the Check-MIG Colombia

The Colombia Check-MIG form is a new compulsory travel document that must be obtained by every traveler both entering Colombia and exiting the country.

The Colombian authorities introduced the form to ensure smooth movement through the country’s borders and minimize the spread of new COVID-19 cases.

Check-MIG declaration must be submitted 24 hours before the planned cross of the Colombian border. One may complete the form one hour prior to the planned departure at the latest.

The Colombian form serves as a one-entry document. Therefore, a new Check-MIG is required whenever one enters Colombia or returns to their home country. The validity of the approved Check-MIG is 30 days from the date of its approval.

Travelers who plan to travel to Colombia will need to go through a very intuitive and straightforward online application which is followed by receiving the Check-MIG receipt via email.

Important note: Check-MIG form is not the same as the Colombian visa. If you are a citizen of a non-visa-exempt country, you need both documents, i.e., a Colombia visa and Check-MIG form. Please also note that even though you may qualify for a Colombia visa exemption, you do still need to complete the Check-MIG declaration.

Check-MIG Colombia

Who needs to complete the Check-MIG to Colombia

Who needs to complete the Check-MIG to Colombia

Nationals of every country in the world are eligible for the Check-MIG migration form.
What is more, they must submit the form any time they will be crossing the Colombian border. This requirement also applies to Colombian residents and citizens.

The only exception when the Colombia Check-MIG is not necessary are passengers who only plan to transit Colombia on their way to the final destination.

Colombia Check-MIG requirements

Applicants for the Colombia Check-MIG need to prepare some essential travel and health-related information.

The application form requires providing the travel itinerary including such details as transportation means (sea/river/land/air), arrival and departure dates, approximate time of entry or exit, selected entry point, flight reservation code, etc.

Moreover, an applicant will be asked to provide some personal details as well as answer health-related questions, for example, whether: 

  • you’ve undergone isolation or quarantine recently?
  • you’ve observed any of the COVID-like symptoms within the last 2 weeks (14 days):, fatigue, fever, cough, sore throat, malaise, difficulty breathing?
  • you’ve had contact with a person exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above?
  • you’ve been tested for Covid-19?
  • you’ve tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 2 weeks (14 days)?
Colombia Check-MIG requirements

Colombia Check-MIG application form

Colombia Check-MIG application form

Our service enables effortless online applications for travelers planning to enter or exit Colombia. All they need to do is simply follow these three steps:

  1. Click the ‘Apply Online’ button and put all the required data in the application form.
  2. Double-check all the information entered.
  3. Cover the processing fee of 39 Euro.
  4. Receive an email with the confirmation number.
  5. Download the receipt of your approved Colombia Check-MIG.

Should you have some problems with receiving your Colombia Check-MIG confirmation, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Colombia Check-MIG validity

From the moment of receiving the Check-MIG confirmation, it remains valid for the next 30 days. Please note that the application must be made between 24 hours to one hour prior to the scheduled departure flight. All travelers who will be crossing the Colombian border must present the Check-MIG to either enter or exit Colombia.
Please also bear in mind that Check-MIG covers only one entry (or exit), so you need to have a new form for every planned trip to or from Colombia.

Colombia Check-MIG validity

Colombia Transit Information

Transit Information

Completing the Check-MIG form is not compulsory for internal flights in Colombia, including passengers who will be only transiting Colombia before reaching their final destination.


Do I need to complete the Check-MIG form to travel to Colombia?

Yes. You do need to submit your Check-MIG form declaration. No travelers are exempt from the need to present the confirmation of the completed form when entering or leaving Colombia. The only exemption applies to transit passengers.

Do I need to print a Colombia Check-MIG?

Saving your Check-MIG confirmation on your mobile device should be enough. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to have the physical copy as a backup.

What if my Colombia Check-MIG is not approved?

Should your Colombia Check-MIG cannot be approved, most likely you’ve made some mistakes when filling out your online application form. Contact our support team immediately to discuss your situation so that they would be able to make the necessary corrections.

How long can I stay in Colombia with Check-MIG?

Check-MIG is a single-entry document necessary to be completed before every planned entry to or exit from Colombia. Since it is not a visa, your permitted stay in Colombia is determined by the visa you hold.

What is the validity of a Colombia Check-MIG?

The Check-MIG remains valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Also, you should remember that the application should be submitted between 24 hours to one hour before the planned flight.

Do children need a Colombia Check-MIG?

Yes. The Colombian Check-MIG needs to be completed by all travelers planning to enter or leave Colombia, irrespective of their age. Parents or legal guardians should ensure that every underage traveler accompanying them has completed the Colombia Check-MIG form. They are also responsible for the correctness of provided data.

What must I have to apply for Colombia Check-MIG?

To complete the Check-MIG form, one needs to prepare a working electronic device connected to the Internet, a valid means of online payment, and an active email address. It will be necessary to provide some relevant details regarding one’s health and travel itinerary. Prepare all essential details before starting your online application so that you could go smoothly through all application steps.

What is the processing time for Colombia Check-MIG?

To go through all the steps of the online application, you will need just a couple of minutes. After covering the processing fee, you will receive a confirmation email. Your approved Colombia Check-MIG will be also sent to you via email. It should arrive within 24 hours. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure immediate approval of your application!