What is evisapassport.com?

evisapassport.com is an online portal where you can apply for an electronic visa to various destinations around the globe. eVisa is a travel and entry authorization to enter a certain country and is offered to eligible nationals who need to meet the eligibility criteria and complete a short online application.

By using our services, you can get an eVisa to your dream travel destination that introduced the electronic visa system. This will allow you to save plenty of time and energy since the entire process is 100% online and requires no embassy visits.

A team of visa experts is ready to help you at any step of your visa application. You can reach them via phone, email, or contact form.

Please bear in mind that evisapassport.com is a private Agency not associated with any government. However, the company is a legal entity entitled to offer professional assistance in getting electronic visas to worldwide destinations.

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How does it work?

The entire process should take only a couple of minutes of your precious time. All you need to have is previously gathered necessary documents, stable Internet connection, and electronic device. Also, make sure you are the user of an active email address and you have a valid means of online payment.

Depending on the country you plan to visit with eVisa, you may need to wait for your visa approval for various periods of time – the processing time may take from up to several hours to a few days. The real waiting time is, however, always at the total discretion of the Government of the country you decide to visit.

Once your visa is approved, it will be delivered to your email address as a PDF file. Sometimes the digital copy of the approved visa is enough, while some countries require presenting a printed copy. All travelers are then advised to always carry a physical backup copy.

Say no to time-consuming and stressful embassy visa applications, choose this electronic alternative and get your eVisa with the minimum effort!

How to get an eVisa in just 3 steps?

Prepare your working electronic device, e.g., a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Check your Internet connection and choose the destination you are interested in. Read carefully all the requirements and make sure you are eligible to apply for a visa online.

After making sure that you are eligible for an eVisa to the selected country, prepare all the necessary documents and start your short way to get your visa. The process is very intuitive and involves following three simple steps. These steps include:

1.Complete the online form

Provide your personal data, contact information, passport details, traveling motive, and other required details. Submit supporting documents, if required by a country you wish to travel to (in most cases it will be a bio-data passport page and face photo).

2.Cover e-Visa fee

Select one of the available methods of online payment and use it to pay the service fee. After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your application ID.

3. Check your inbox

Shortly after settling the payment, make sure to refresh your email and receive the confirmation email. The approved electronic visa will also arrive straight to your email inbox as soon as the given country’s Government approves it.

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Benefits of applying for a visa with evisapassport.com

evisapassport.com is your partner in making your trip to anywhere hassle-free by assisting you with the visa application. You no longer need to think about looking for the nearest embassy or consulate, making embassy appointments long in advance of the planned journey and wasting your time on getting there. Neither do you need to feel stressed out when answering difficult questions during the embassy interviews.

With the online application, the entire procedure will take no longer than 15 minutes, while the eVisa will be delivered to you via email without any need to visit a diplomatic mission to collect it.

Now, applying for a visa is possible from whatever place you are at a given moment, whether it’s your home, office, or any other place with a stable Internet connection.

Advantages of processing your eVisa with our Agency

Services Government evisapassport.com
eVisa application available 24/7 YES YES
Support team available by phone 5 days a week NO YES
Reviewing of your visa application before sending it for the final approval NO YES
Correcting your application free of charge NO YES
Visa consultants speaking many foreign languages (i.a.., English, German, Spanish, Polish) NO YES
Privacy and service guarantee YES YES
Free edition and adjustment of the received documents NO YES
Approved eVisa sent to the applicant’s email address YES YES
Resending eVisa file in case of loss or misplacing NO YES
Multiple methods of worldwide online payment to cover the eVisa fees NO YES